7 Phil Jackson moves that doomed Anthony's career


The New York Knicks just completed a fourth straight losing season, yet there’s now a report that says the franchise picked up president Phil Jackson’s two-year option.

Even if owner James Dolan pledged to honor the Knicks’ five-year contract with the basketball legend, this – like most Knicks moves – feels completely backwards.

And now, Jackson is faced with a decision on what to do with star forward Carmelo Anthony, who’s had to endure years of struggles and who could be dealt in the offseason. What Knicks fans hoped would be a marriage that would make the franchise relevant is about to end in a messy divorce and yet another rebuild.

With all of that in mind, let’s look back at some of the disastrous moves Jackson has made during his tenure, ones that ultimately left Anthony far, far away from bringing a championship to New York:

1. Knicks hire Derek Fisher as head coach

Sure, Jackson may not have known Fisher would end up in a bizarre off-the-court feud with forward Matt Barnes over Barnes’ ex-wife, something that might have been a distraction for the coach. But hiring someone in 2014 who just ended his playing career with exactly zero coaching experience? Not…


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