Our 2018-19 N.B.A. Predictions

• Araton: Brandon Ingram (Lakers)

• Cacciola: Brandon Ingram (Lakers)

• Deb: D’Angelo Russell (Nets)

• Dolnick: Markelle Fultz (Philadelphia)

• Hoffman: Dennis Smith Jr. (Dallas)

• Lowe: Lonzo Ball (Lakers)

• Whiteside: D’Angelo Russell (Nets)

Stein: Dennis Schröder (Oklahoma City)

Oklahoma City’s last big risk — trading for the free agent-to-be Paul George — worked out as well as it possibly could have. I expect the trade for Schroder to go down as another good gamble.

• Araton: Marcus Smart (Boston)

• Cacciola: Lou Williams (Clippers)

• Deb: Carmelo Anthony (Houston)

• Dolnick: Trey Burke (Knicks)

• Hoffman: Julius Randle (New Orleans)

• Lowe: Jaylen Brown (Boston)

• Whiteside: Lou Williams (Clippers)

Stein: Sam Presti (Oklahoma City)

My confidence in the Schroder dice role stems largely from the fact that Presti, long considered one of the league’s sharpest executives, believed in the move so strongly. One caveat here, though: Houston’s Daryl Morey, who won this award last season, becomes the new favorite if he can swing a trade for the All-Star guard Jimmy Butler.

• Araton: Danny Ainge (Boston)

• Cacciola: Sam Presti (Oklahoma City)

• Deb: Rob Pelinka (Lakers)

• Dolnick: Rob Pelinka (Lakers)

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