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Croatia Digs Deeper, Burying England’s World Cup Dreams

Mario Mandzukic beats John Stones to the ball and what a finish. What instincts. pic.twitter.com/0rOuBvSnWcVia: @TelemundoSports Clever from Croatia, rope-a-doping England by crossing abysmally for 67 minutes. Iván Perisic out of no where! pic.twitter.com/HMjLX2qI0cVia: @TelemundoSports What a hit from Kieran Trippier! Dream start for �� �� ��pic.twitter.com/NSCG58AXXbVia: @TelemundoSports

That Spitting Thing at the World Cup? It’s Probably ‘Carb Rinsing’

“I would not go that far,” Ian Rollo, the principal scientist for the Gatorade Sports Science Institute in Britain, said with a laugh. “No way do we take credit for any penalty successes at the moment.” And yet, carb rinsing will do no harm, Rollo and other scientists say. (The joke is that the only…

Wimbledon Has a New Doubles Event: Tennis and the World Cup

In the players’ lounge, dozens of competitors sat in seats clustered around a wall of three television sets that were tuned to the World Cup. Most appeared to be neutral observers, with the notable exception of Sweden’s Johanna Larsson, fresh off a women’s doubles victory and wearing the yellow jersey of her national team. Nearby,…